An Introduction, Perhaps

August 27, 2008

Welcome to Arik’s Other Thoughts, created because Arik Thoughts was shut down by the demon known to the internet as Blogger.  I’ll eventually (when they reopen my previous blog) move everything over here.  Until then, I’ll be filling it up with more reviews (The Saturday Knights are up next, followed by Kid Koala and a column about becoming a sports fan).

I like to imagine this as the birth of my second child when the first was whisked away from my family after only 4 months of life by an evil social services worker.  The social worker then refused to answer my calls, and in fact has probably blocked my number and will never give my baby back.  Also, it is burning all the baby’s fingerprints off and will probably change its dental records so there will never be any record of the child being mine.  At this point I snap and threaten to run down main street naked smearing peanut butter on every car windshield if I don’t get my child back, but the social worker pretends that they don’t know who I am and I get sent to the crazy bin where I impregnate some other woman (Oh you foxy Madame WordPress, you are so much more beautiful than Ms. Blogger).

And now I’m here- it’s a boy!


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