Bluegrass, Failure, and Lunch

October 13, 2008

So, I give up on the one year thing.  Mostly because I never really cared about it, I just wanted to have a focus for a while.  But whatever.  Now that I can write about what I want, I’ll be writing more.  Like now.  So.  Bluegrass.

I remember when I was a wee lad (by which I mean 12) my parents would drag me to the concerts of a local bluegrass band called Nothin’ Fancy.  I hated it.  And so for years, I hated bluegrass as well.  Then I started hearing about this upstart band known as Nickel Creek from California.  I ignored this, of course, until Fiona Apple went on tour with them and they came to Charlottesville.  I love Fiona Apple, and so of course, I had to see her.  So, by myself, armed with only the knowledge that they were bluegrass, I went to this concert.

I half ignored Nickel Creek, until they played one song that just blew me away:  Anthony, a two minute song off of their last album, Why Should the Fire Die. Chris Thile and Sarah and Sean Watkins gathered really close together, the lights dimmed, and it was just beautiful.  At this point, I fell in love with bluegrass.

To be fair, Nickel Creek isn’t traditional bluegrass.  They’re progressive bluegrass.  But it was a good intro.  I started listening to Alison Krauss and Union Station, the Watkins Family Hour, this ridiculous Maroon 5 tribute band, the Carolina Chocolate Drops, and so on.  Anyways, blue grass is not a terrible genre for hicks and rednecks like most people think.  It’s amazing.  So shut up.

This is Nickel Creek with Fiona Apple.  Excuse the terrible recording quality, I didn’t make it.

Trent Wagler and the Steel Wheels


One comment

  1. Bluegrass rocks! Whoever thought an acoustic guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and upright bass would make a great quartet is tops in my book. Not everything needs drums…or amps.
    Dude, your blog is pretty rock-on. Keep lovin’ on the music!

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