Non Music Post: This Political Cycle

October 14, 2008

I am 20 years old.  A college student.  Male.  I fit every category of traditional non-voters.  And this November I will prove that stereotype right, since I’m not going to vote.  But here’s the kicker: I have a reason, hell- motivation, to not vote.  And it’s not laziness.  I mean, I registered, followed the primaries, argued with the local registrar as to why I should be legally allowed to vote here in Fredericksburg, and so on.  I was excited- it was my first presidential election!

Then August rolled around and the real campaigning started.  I remember back in May when both candidates were promising to run clean positive campaigns.  Oh how quickly that went down the toilet.  I can’t watch prime time TV without being told McCain is old and out of touch and probably has Alzheimer’s and Obama is a secret terrorist hiding in my closet.  I can’t walk down campus with out being told Obama is a bleeding heart liberal and McCain is another Bush waiting to happen.

I don’t want that.  I’m a happy person, I think.  And I like being happy.  And helping other people be happy.  But this political season is so negative and really bringing out the worst in people.  From out-right lies to subtle slanders, it doesn’t stop.  I couldn’t pick a candidate to support without being judged.  And the worst part was, it was more about parties than about the actual candidates.  The former Hilary supporters who would rather burn their pant-suits than vote Obama in the primaries are all about him now.  And the former hard-line right wingers who’d rather buy pant-suits than vote McCain in the primaries are completely in love with McCain.  Politics became more about issue voting than about responsible voting for the best candidate.  And that’s not how it should be.  If I’m going to vote for someone, I want to do it because I believe that they’re the best for the job, not because they agree with me on abortion or economic policies or who’s the better duck: Donald or Daffy.  And I’m not given that option.  I have to pick based on what they say they believe.

So no, I’m not playing this little political game anymore.  I’m tired of it.  And no, I haven’t become a cynic.  I believe that both McCain and Obama truly want what’s best for this country.  But they aren’t doing anything to show it.


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