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The Saturday Knights

August 27, 2008

Artist: The Saturday Knights

Album: Mingle

Label: Light In The Attic

This is probably one of my favorite finds of the new school year.  For this I have to thank Ryan at the Cracked forums (thanks Ryan!) who linked the album’s free legal download. And I’ll do the same. Yes, free and legal.  It could be a purely mediocre album and still be worth download.  Thankfully, it’s not.  This is good stuff.  It’s hip-hop, but in that alternative groovy way, with more singing, more general melody, and some rich lyrics.

Sometimes the album is a bit cheesey and hard to take seriously, but I think it’s more that the Saturday Knights don’t take themselves seriously.  (By the way, this time I’m not going to offer any YouTube or mp3 links to specific songs because you can download the album for free).  But a great example would be the song Dog Park.  Yes, Dog Park.  It has this weird U2ish intro that sounds like The Edge guest starred on the album.  Then it stays pretty normal for a while.  Then the dogs come into the picture.  And he’s singing about pedigree, best of show, etc.  It’s not a bad song.  In fact, it’s really enjoyable in both that fun ridiculous way and a serious well constructed song way.

Another “What the hell” moment is Foreign Affair.  The lead singer is singing about British singers.  There’s one part where he goes “Amy Amy Amy Amy Amy” and the backup singers go “Amy Winehouse”.  Or he refers to MIA at another point.  I mean, what the hell?

But weirdly enough, it’s another enjoyable song.

Despite oddities in lyrics, the album is fantastic.  The beats are great, the delivery of both the singing and rapping is incredibly entertaining and dynamic (something I think a lot of rap needs).  I highly recommend going out and downloading this album for free.

Legally bitches.